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'The Lotus' Purity and enlightenment  

51''x62'' Mixed Medium


'The Infinite Knot' Harmony with one and all  

44"x32" Mixed medium


'The River Of Life'  

31"x 47" Mixed medium


'The Conch Shell' Thoughts of buddha

 32"x42" Mixed Medium 

'The Parasol' protection from elements.p

'The Parasol' Protection from elements

23"x33" Mixed Medium

'The Golden Fish' conjugal happiness and

'The Golden Fish' Conjugal happiness and freedom

 42"x 17" Mixed Medium

'The Victory Banner' Victorious battle o

'The Victory Banner' Victorious battle over our lesser self

14"x 36" Mixed Medium

'The Treasure Vase'.png

'The Treasure Vase' 

14"x 16" Mixed Medium

 'The Wheel of Dharma '.png

'The Wheel of Dharma '

14"x16" Mixed Medium

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