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Mind The Gap_edited.jpg

Mind The Gap- October 2020; Durational Installation, from 20th Floor of the artists Council Flat,
 Medium Paper, Size Variable 


Audre Lorde writes that ‘emotions’ are one's political and life resources, and that we must make use of our anger/our frustrations, letting the anger spill out into a poem or a text.

This is how it begins; whether penning a poem or putting messages as an open-air tweet from my 20th-floor of a council flat. 

‘Mind The Gap’, an installation using the three glass panels on my balcony, in 2020 pandemic times added another layer to my original query about the varied spectrum of gaps created by the powerful and the consequences faced by the powerless.  

Possibly my being new to London and not having grown overhearing them might be the reason. But whatever the reasons, this phrase stood true, on many anomalies.

Like everybody, while alighting or boarding a train or a tube I hear this extremely pragmatic announcement, to please ‘Mind The Gap’” the same can be seen written on the floor... Each time I hear this announcement a myriad of pictures and interpretations jump out at me, from Syria to Iraq, to patriarchal divide, to race and class divides, caste divides back home, to gender pay all the people perishing trying to cross this vast Gap of an ocean, centuries of economic exploitations that created these huge chasms, first world and third world gaps… is something or somebody minding the gap…so that it never fills,nor leaped across.

This work is an attempt to capture them in my work and words.

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