Mind The Gap_edited.jpg


Audre Lorde writes that ‘emotions’ are ones political and life resources, and that we must make use of our anger/our frustrations, letting the anger spill out into a poem or a text.

And so, it begins; whether penning a poem or putting messages as an open-air tweet from my 20th floor council flat in London gives me an agency to do just that.

What started with a shy, single phrase attempt, ‘Mind The Gap’, an installation using the three glass panels on my balcony, in 2020 last year.

Had long struggled to express the thoughts and images that jumped at me whenever I heard the phrases ‘please mind the gap’ while alighting or boarding a train or a tube.

Possibly me being new to London and not having grown overhearing them might be the reason. But whatsoever the reasons this phrase stood true, on many anomalies.