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May 2020,  ICA/LUX, CAP Festival, online

This video work is in response to the news article in BBC, 'Why does President Trump want to mine on the moon?'  12th April 2020 on the race to reach and colonize (rather mine) the moon. Quote "No country 'can claim to own the Moon', but currently it's like maritime law: 'If you go there, find it and mine it - it's yours to keep', Sarah Cruddas.


Mark Fishers, in his book 'Capitalist Realism', writes, "...suggest that, far from being the only viable political-economic system, capitalism is in fact primed to destroy the entire human environment." He further writes, "Capital's 'need of a constantly expanding market', its 'growth fetish', mean that capitalism is by its very nature opposed to any notion of sustainability.'

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