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To make art is to express, and to exhibit is to interact, which are both equally vital to an artist’s practice. In Covid/lockdown times there came upon me an urgent need to hack into this dystopian present. To subvert this powerlessness through constructive action by creating new ways of showing and seeing art led to ‘SW11NDOWS’, a self-initiated curatorial venture executed in collaboration with two of my cohort Katrine Skovsgaard and Louise Ørsted Jensen.

In constraining times this exhibition helped break this impasse of pandemic lockdown through a physical show across the whole of Battersea area called ‘SW11NDOWS’, where the artwork was to be experienced by the public/passers-by from a distance (considering the lockdown guidelines).

It was a 24x3-day show, in which a total of 23 artists showcased their work from their homes, gardens, and open areas. Part of my banner series ‘This Too Shall Pass, Then What?’ became a part of this venture.

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