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PAiR -Residency

March-May 2023, Perivale Library, London 


A public sphere proposal, interactive and dialogical by design was successfully executed for a three-month long Artist Residency called PAiR, between March-May 2023, at Perivale Library, London.

The community of the people who use the library and its facilities and living near the site were invited to come together to engage in a set of six workshops, facilitated by the artist to create this communal work of art called ‘Under the Canopy of Our Stories’. Which was installed in the community library for a proposed period.

The fundamental idea was to come together to create new (His)stories as a community.

Culminating to  gather and rejoice under it -celebrating the time spent in togetherness- chatting, laughing, sharing, sparking new friendships as well as strengthening the existing ones. 

The workshops were community-engaged sessions around learning skill-based creative processes, such as eco-printing, and tie-and-dye, through sustainable, eco-friendly methods, and homemade dyes.

Workshop 1

April 25 2023, Perivale Library, London 

Workshop 2

Workshop 3

Workshop 4

The Canopy

Gathering together 'Under The Canopy Of Our Stories' to rejoice and celebrate the time spent in togetherness- chatting, laughing, sharing, creating new (His)stories as a community.

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