February 2020,  The WIP Show, RCA, London

Making Sense


Through this video have tried to delve further into my investigations on sustainability as well as express unease about first worlds unconcerned consumption of single-use-plastic in everyday life. Research points how the reasons and justifications seduce almost a majority into this soothing lullaby of recyclability. Whereas statistic’s point towards a different reality altogether. 

Mark Fisher in his book ‘Capitalist Realism’ writes, ‘Climate change and the threat of resource depletion are not being repressed so much as incorporated into advertising and marketing.’


The video is deliberately staged, clinically shot, clean and fresh, mirroring the advertisements. Using the child-like innocence and playfulness, as a metaphor. A quest begins, in finding meaning/sense in the meaningless/senselessness. The background score further amplifying the senselessness.