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Neon Adhesive Tape, plastic cords, clips, Bed sheet

May 2019, Peckham, London 

In Search

At times a site compels you, demands a response, this was such an instance.

It being a safehouse brought about its own interpretation of interpretations.

How safe are we? 

Safe…House… two words …brought about images and memories of childhood, of making a house out of anything that one could lay hands on. A bedsheet, a cardboard box, a quilt, this deep-seated desire to have a place/space of your own, is maybe in our DNA. The memory of that feeling of security and wonder getting inside or under the simple hand-constructed sanctuary that tender hands and innocent hearts built.

Was that childhood make-believe a start of a  never-ending quest for – the perfect space to reside, to settle, to put the root in? Is this a beautiful and secure place to be found on land or could it be just found in our own bodies, in our mind, when one lies down after a long and tiring day? 

Is this search futile, is it a mirage? 

Drawing the viewer onto a path led forward by a childlike poem. 



Across the mountains blue, there is a promised land

To discover it, I shall absolutely try

 Across this desert wide, there is a distant land 

Milky rivers gushing by

Over where the rainbows fly

To reach there, I shall definitely try

Where, there is peace and quiet 

Where, troubles don’t come to visit

There, hand in hand we sit

Over the mountains blue, there is a promised land 

Gentle are the people so

Caressingly the breeze flow

Under the star lite sky

Moonlight embraces all

None being big or small

Across this vast blue sea

There is a distant land

Once I am done with this quest

Only then, will my tired soul rest

Anita Agarwal

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