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This work is inspired by such pop-ups 


A work specially created as a response to an invite for a Group show named “COKE + COOKIE”, and the context was consumerism.

The performance was interactive as well as participatory and the audience’s active participation was mandatory to activate it. It was an attempt to question the often-faced dilemma of having to accept/agree the use of cookies as soon you access a web page. 

It was to highlight this irony of being arm-twisted into agreeing. How the consumer is cajoled and tricked into taking herself/himself to be a consumer, who is consuming the information given on the webpage. Whereas in actuality they are being consumed by the webpage/information provider by using them as numbers or data. Of their habits/choices being sold to the highest bidder, getting (dehumanized) reduced to just a ‘number’. 

March 2019, Bermondsey, London

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