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Anita Agarwal


I am a multidisciplinary visual artist from India based in London. Working across performance, moving-image, sound, mark making, sculptural installations, and print. Sustainability plays a decisive factor in my procedures of creating and being.


Archives and social histories inform a proactive approach to storytelling within my practice. I am interested in reviewing which and how some stories are being told, and by whom.


My practice is dialogical, socially engaged and activist in its nature and approach.


I am a feminist; my work interrogates and pushes the socio-political parameters experienced in day-to-day life it could be my own lived experience or of others. Audre Lorde, Gayatri Spivak, Frantz Fanon, Sara Ahmed, Grant H. Kester, and Homi Bhabha have influenced and inspired my artistic journey.


I call myself a ‘ Respons(able) ‘artist; someone once told me that responsible means being able to respond. As a visual artist, I respond to an event, a site, or a provocation through my work. My response although intuitive is built on a strong foundation of comprehensive research, to sieve out ‘any emotional hyperbole, false consciousness, madness or the perfunctory navel-gazing of the self -absorbed’. Audre Lorde writes that, ‘emotions are one’s political and life resources, and that we must make use of our anger/our frustrations, letting the anger spill out into a poem or a text. And that, is the point of departure for any of my work, a poem, or a text which later develops and morphs into other formats.


I strive to achieve playfulness and humour in my works, as through humour it is possible to collide into spaces, allowing people to relax and ease out into areas that would otherwise be difficult and awkward to navigate.


Having travelled and lived in diverse cultures and geographies, I often explore the intersections, positions, and overlaps within cultures. I am basically a storyteller intent in creating new collective narratives teased out from the past to see where how they intersect with the present, as a result help imagine and create evolved new worlds.


Art provides me with an opportunity to engage fiercely with the world through the lens of indigenous philosophies of universality and oneness from my Asian/Indian roots, applicable not only to the living, breathing beings but also the non-living. Revolutionary thinkers like Donna Haraway, Bell Hooks, Silvia Federici are beacons for my practice-led- research providing a 3rd plane/axis in kinship and assimilation.

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2019-2021        Masters in Contemporary Art Practices- Public sphere pathway, Royal College of Arts, London

2018-2019        Graduate Diploma in Fine Arts, Chelsea college of Arts and Design, UAL.

2017                   The Art Students League of New York, US.

2004-2008     Triveni Kala Sangam, New Delhi.

  • March - May 2023: Residency PAiR, The Hive- Perivale Library, London. A Public Sphere based engagement with the local communities through a set of six workshops. These socially engaged, participatory workshops designed and facilitated by the artist helped create the installation ‘Under the Canopy of Our Stories’.

  • April 2023: Art performance  ‘I– The Story’ and installation of the Robe, in exhibition Altered Planes, at Meter Squared Studios, West Kensington, London.


  • March 24-26:MI ‘River(She/he/her/him/it)’ and installation and workshop, ‘Let Me Share…/Did You Know…’ in  ‘Fly and Flock’ exhibition by the Lunchbox Collective, Chisenhale Studio, London, E3 5QZ.

  • March 2023:Art Performance, ‘Fair Enough?’,  UAL Alumni of Colour Association (AoCA) Exhibition: Diaspora and Belonging; Mother London, 10 Redchurch Street, London.

  • October 2022:  'Text as an Image', Jolly Adda Gallery, Kanjurmarg, Mumbai, India

  • September 2022: Magnificences, Amersham Arms, Take Courage Gallery, New Cross, London.

  •  September 2021: Pause. Fervour. Reflections on a Pandemic

  • August 2021: AP.AART.MENT77 a pop-up residency initiated and curated collaboratively, London.

  • August 2021: Day long art Performance, The Clapham Park ArtBank, Clapham Park Cube.

  • July 2021: RCA 2021 Cromwell Place Gallery, London.

  • March 2021: Sound and spoken text work on Montez Radio.

  • March 2021: online festival, Everything for ever.

  • March 2021: ‘State of The Art”, online symposium, London.

  • February 2021: Co-curated a physical show, ‘SW11ndows’ London.

  • January 2021: ‘This Too Shall Pass’, 20th floor Balcony, London.

  • December 2020: ‘CAPbaret 2020’ Twitch.

  • October 2020: 'MIND THE GAP', 20th floor Balcony, London.

  • August 2020: SVA Gallery, Stroud, England.

  • May 2020: 302_direct, CAP festival.

  • May 2020: MI, ICA/LUX.

  • May 2020: Instagram takeover, @low_res_camera_roll

  • May 2020: Symposium- The Museum without a Public

  • March 2020: Hanover Space Project, Peckham, London.

  • February 2020: The WIP Show, RCA, London.

  • November 2019: Workshop with PSC, Coventry Biennial, U.K.

  • June 2019: The Parade Ground, The Degree Show, Chelsea College.

  • May 2019: Safehouse 1&2, Copeland Road, London.

  • May 2019: The Cookhouse Gallery, London.

  • March 2019: Art #23 Gallery, Bermondsey, London.

  • March 2019: ‘Cabaret’, Canteen Annexe, Chelsea College, London.

  • February 2019: Triangle Space Gallery, London.

  • December 2018: Chelsea college, Mixed medium installation

  • October 2018: ‘Parallax’, Poland.

  • September 2017: Visual Art Gallery, Indian Habitat Centre, New Delhi.

  • December 2016: ‘Confluence-2016’ AIFACS, New Delhi.

  • December 2016:  Jaipur art summit.

  • October 2016- India Art Fair, Nehru Centre, Mumbai.

  • September 2014- Represented by The Aura Art Gallery, in The Art Index, Mumbai.

  • March 2012- ‘Colours’ annual show at Coomaraswamy Hall, Mumbai.

  • February 2012- ‘Praxis’ 4 artist show at Coomaraswamy Hall, Prince of Wales Museum, Mumbai.

  • September 2010- ‘ART SHOW’ Sponsored by HSBC, Maryland USA.

  • July 2009- Solo Show at Triveni Art Gallery, New Delhi

  • November 2008- A group show at AIFACS-New Delhi.

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