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Anita Agarwal

My art practice is interdisciplinary in mode and method, ranging from performance, sound, installation, moving image, drawing, to painting, without necessarily claiming a sole territory. My work is a response to ‘happenings,’ primarily subjective/immediate, could be– a site, an issue, or a situation. I completely relate to German artist Joseph Beuys, who believed that- “Art originates in personal experience yet also addresses universal, artistic, political or social ideas.” Although my practice is a response, it is not reactionary in execution; I take time to simmer and fine-tune my ideas slowly; at times, it has taken a couple of years or even more. Drawing deep on my Indian culture and heritage, I am particularly interested in issues concerning women’s situation in India/Asia.



 I strive to achieve a certain degree of playfulness and humour in all of my works, as can be seen in my ‘Let’s Make Sense’ workshop, where the viewer/participants created their own impromptu symphony. Or, in the baritone face-off finale between the viewers in one of my work, ‘consume-consumer-consumed’. Many of my works are Text based, I intermittently engage and play around the duality/origin of words and phrases. Since the time I have shifted my base to London, my work explores the intersections and positions within cultures and places. I enjoy working in collaboration with other artists, and seek to do so in the future too, as I believe it brings out the best in me.


Sustainability, sustainable lifestyles is a topic that I am passionately engaging in many of my works for the past three years. Through many of my performances, workshops, and sculptural installations have been questioning the status quo on the extensive and unconcerned consumption of the single-use plastic. Understandably I am extremely conscious and conservative in producing unnecessary waste both as a citizen and an artist. Whenever I can, I use recycled materials, could be my own, or other fellow artists.


Weaving in and out of issues, from socio-political, feminism to sustainability, whatever the preamble, the aim for the work is, and will remain to be a catalyst in initiating a dialogue, however awkward and uncomfortable. Coming from the land of Gandhi and Buddha, and myself being a Buddhist by choice, I firmly believe in the power of ‘Dialogue.’ As a result, most of my sculptural installations and performances are intermittently participatory and interactive by design/intention. Occasionally, there is, at times, even a direct invitation to participate in different forms and variables, be it a workshop, an experiential-meditative, or a storytelling session.




2019- Masters in Contemporary Art Practices- Public sphere pathway (currently in second year) Royal College of Arts, London

2018-2019 Graduate Diploma in Fine Arts Chelsea college of Arts, UAL.

2004-2008 Triveni Kala Sangam, New Delhi


  • August 2020: SVA Gallery, Stroud, England.

  • May 2020: 302_direct, CAP festival.

  • May 2020: MI, ICA/LUX.

  • May 2020: Instagram take over, @low_res_camera_roll

  • May 2020: Symposium- The Museum without a Public

  • March 2020: Hanover Space Project, Peckham, London.

  • February 2020: The WIP Show, RCA, London.

  • June 2019: The Parade Ground, The Degree Show, Chelsea College.

  • May 2019: Safehouse 1&2, Copeland Road, London.

  • May 2019: The Cookhouse Gallery, London.

  • March 2019: Art #23 Gallery, Bermondsey, London.

  • March 2019: ‘Cabaret’, Canteen Annexe, Chelsea College, London.

  • February 2019: Triangle Space Gallery, London.

  • December 2018: Chelsea college, Mixed medium installation

  • October 2018: ‘Parallax’, Poland.

  • September 2017: Visual Art Gallery, Indian Habitat Centre, New Delhi.

  • December 2016: ‘Confluence-2016’ AIFACS, New Delhi.

  • December 2016:  Jaipur art summit.

  • October 2016- India Art Fair, Nehru Centre, Mumbai.

  • September 2014- Represented by The Aura Art Gallery, in The Art Index, Mumbai.

  • March 2012- ‘Colours’ annual show at Coomaraswamy Hall, Mumbai.

  • February 2012- ‘Praxis’ 4 artist show at Coomaraswamy Hall, Prince of Wales Museum, Mumbai.

  • September 2010- ‘ART SHOW’ Sponsored by HSBC, Maryland USA.

  • July 2009- Solo Show at Triveni Art Gallery, New Delhi

  • November 2008- A group show at AIFACS-New Delhi.