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 Interactive Performance

 August 2020, SVA Gallery, Stroud, England

Reclaiming (His)-stories

A story is a portal through which one can journey into any place or time, and the storyteller is the very door of that portal, asked to be granted the permission to let me be that door,  

drawing them, taking them way back in time.

Back a century,

then another, and some 90 years more…

Taking them back to the year 1726, across the globe in the northern-western side of India, in the region of hot and arid Thar desert, to a place called Marwar...narrating the story of this peace-loving, simple, and environment-friendly Hindu Sect called 'Bishnois', and one courageous lady called Amrita Devi Bishnoi. Bishnois fervently believe in protecting the flora and fauna around them.

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